The Temple of the Rose

A Sanctuary to remember the beauty of who you are.

You Are Invited to

—  The Temple of the Rose  —

Online Sanctuary & Global Sisterhood 

Ancient Wisdom & Sacred Rituals for Women

A monthly membership with a rich resource of feminine wisdom to explore alongside a diverse community of women who are deepening together in their embodiment of love, wisdom, magic and beauty. 

As the world around us changes, 
we are invited to slow down 
and deepen our roots into the Earth.
We are listening in to the medicine 
of our intuitive wisdom, 
and finding strength 
in our wild beauty 
and sacred sensuality.
As we tenderly nourish our innate feminine gifts
We are rising together to create and share
from the blossoming of our hearts.

—  How the Membership Works  —

Invite beauty, sensuality and sacredness into each day... 

Each month there will be a new theme to explore, from how to create a sacred morning practice to healing relationship wounds to a healthy sense of embodiment. You will receive new content every month to enjoy and reflect on, as well as suggested playwork to practice.

The beauty of this sacred container is that you aren't walking this path alone. You will be doing so with a sisterhood of like-minded, diverse women who will be your cheerleaders, mirrors, and support team. You can connect with members of this community based on geolocation, direct messaging, and forum topics.

You will be invited to monthly calls in which we come together, dive deeper and have the opportunity to ask our questions and share our experiences. 

We will be sharing extra gifts with you within our Temple, including guided meditations, music playlists and inspiring interviews with our special guests. 

From the moment you join, you are welcome to access our entire library of content, starting from the beginning of our Membership. 

You will also receive invitations to The Temple of the Rose events, workshops, special advanced course offerings and in-person gatherings.

—  What Members Say  —

“The Temple of the Rose has been the door I was looking for, the treasures I found here are priceless. It is a beautiful journey that truly enriched my life.”

 ~ Nikki Van Dijik, Netherlands

"In the year before I joined this community, I was feeling very anxious, lost and confused. Through what Rachel has taught me about sensuality, self-care rituals, pleasure, nutritious food and meditation, I’ve started to learn how to drop into and listen to my body. Through the wisdom and the practices I’ve started to come into myself as a woman in a completely new way. I feel more alive in my body and in my spirit and that has been such a gift.”

~ Laura Blanco, Doha, Qatar 

“A temple to explore, heal and dive inwards and outwards on a journey through rituals, self care and slow beauty. A wise group of healers in which the healing is learning to connect to our real home within ourselves. A beautiful space to celebrate and nourish feminine intuition and intellect and explore our basic human needs together.” 

~ Nadja, Washington

"Temple of the Rose was magnetic from the first moment I learned of its existence and today, after 5 months of walking with this group of women who felt the same call, I can confirm it was the exact place that my soul needed to grow and expand. In these months I experienced giving myself for the first time permission to shine bright, without guilt, with security and confidence. I found my 'woman' and now I can take care of my 'inner girl'. Thanks Mama Rachel, thanks sisters!"

~ Lola Sosa, Argentina 

“Sweet reminder to stop, breathe, look inside and be gentle and loving with yourself. The gift of a beautiful community of sisters ruled by kindness, compassion and magic.” 

~ Carmen, Germany

"Morning rituals have helped me a lot, finally I can feel my body in the right way, in a way that I feel loved. I am more open, I feel like I receive the love more easily, I don't feel guilty anymore about myself, finally, I can believe I deserve to be loved. I couldn't express my thanks to Rachel and our sacred container here for helping me in the healing journey."

~ Van Ahn, Vietnam

“The Temple of the Rose has been opening my Heart through its elemental alchemy of Rose medicine. I release, refine and realigned with my soul’s presence, pleasure and purpose. Allowing me to properly Love myself, my loved ones and this beautiful planet Earth. AHO!!!!

~ Yaosca, Nicaragua

"This community allowed me to see existence with fresh eyes. I see miracles, beauty, divinity and unconditional love in the simplest acts and daily routines. Lots of love to Rachel and the beautiful ladies for this sacred sisterhood and the priceless wisdom they share."

~ Dana Husseini

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